IDD Therapy® is a premier decompression technique, which uses oscillatory wave forms, which also can be called energy vibrations, to stimulate cellular regeneration.

These wave forms aid in the removal of pressure on the spinal cord – pressure which has been created by various factors, including but not limited to: degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, & sciatica.

At the Disc & Spine Center, we use the actual patented treatment device that delivers the results promised (as documented in actual clinical device trials).  Other clinics promise similar, or the same results, but if they are not using the Accu-SPINA for your decompression IDD Therapy® treatment, they CANNOT deliver the same clinically proven results.

Golden State Warriors coach urges fans to avoid operations at all costs after crippling side effects could force him to forfeit his dazzling career.


“If you’re listening out there, if you
have a back problem, stay away from surgery.
…Rehab, rehab, rehab.”

                 -Steve Kerr to Reporters.

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