Do you or a loved one suffer from back or neck pain?

Are you tired of costly and time-consuming treatments that never seem to work?

If so, then it’s time you tried IDD Therapy.  Contact us for a free consultation!

What is IDD Therapy?

IDD Therapy Oscillation® is a clinically proven, non-surgical approach that inspires homeostatic spinal regeneration.  Like surgery, IDD Therapy® works to correct the underlying cause of pain for issues such as: degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, & sciatica.  But, UNLIKE surgery, IDD Therapy does not cause the body to create scar tissue or experience the major trauma or recovery period of surgery.

Why IDD?

When you book a free consultation, our doctors will:

  • Create a treatment protocol specifically tailored to your needs.  These treatment services may include laser, cryotherapy, physiotherapeutic exercises and of course, time on the IDD Therapy® treatment system. Neurosurgical offices have documented a 92% success rate for spine patients who want to avoid surgery with the IDD Therapy® treatment system.
  • Based upon radiological images (i.e., x-rays/MRI) obtained prior to your appointment, our doctors will be able to tailor the best treatment program for you.
  • Following the initial consultation, our doctors and staff create your customized treatment protocol and begin your first session.

IDD therapy is an excellent way to,not only AVOID back surgery, but also PREVENT back surgery because IDD therapy reverses compression of the spine and the toll it can take on the central nervous system as we age. No matter why you visit us, you can rest assured that our specialized staff will create a protocol that suits you best!

How does IDD Therapy Work?

IDD Therapy® uses a computerized system that differentiates specific levels of the spine to target treatment to the dysfunctional portion of the vertebral segment.

This computer-directed physiotherapeutic form of spinal decompression utilizes a primary waveform to gently mobilize the spine and relieve disc pressure as it distracts the spine.  This patented technique using the Accu-SPINA™ also delivers oscillation waveforms aimed at increasing nutritive fluids into the disc.  Blood flow is also increased to the painful site, and natural healing is triggered by the body.  Settings are adjusted throughout treatment to assure that there is also neuromuscular re-education delivered to the supporting soft-tissue structures.

IDD Therapy® protocols successfully achieve treatment objectives of freeing a locked facet joint, relieving pressure on a nerve root, retracting a bulging disc, or rehydrating and increasing disc cushioning (height).

When patients follow their prescribed regimen, up to 92 out of 100 patients previously scheduled to undergo surgery instead successfully achieve restoration and rehabilitation of normal spinal function.  That means a life free from pain.  And, best of all, IDD Therapy® treatments are relaxing and easy for the patient—many even fall asleep during treatment!

Statistics to back up the science:

  • IDD Therapy® treatment has been used successfully by orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, spinal physiatrists, physical therapists and other spinal health providers.
  • MORE THAN 1 MILLION IDD Therapy sessions have been performed in the U.S. alone.  IDD Therapy® treatment is also spreading worldwide to the far reaches of Europe, Russia, India, the Middle East and South America!
  • 92% SUCCESS RATES dramatically outperform back surgery success rates without the risk, without the downtime, and at a fraction of the cost.

Why wait any longer? Contact us today!

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