Advanced Decompression and Spinal Rehabilitation

At the Disc & Spine Center, when we determine a patient will benefit from some form of spinal decompression, we use a state-of-the-art, advanced decompression treatment known as IDD Therapy®.

IDD Therapy®

IDD Therapy® spinal decompression uses oscillatory waveforms, which are like energy vibrations, to stimulate cellular regeneration and relieve pressure on the compressed disc and surrounding structures.  Rehabilitation is comfortable and even relaxing – unlike exercise-based physical therapy which can be difficult and painful for the patient.

Successful rehabilitation of degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, sciatica, and even footdrop, have been clinically proven in studies using only this specific, patented treatment system.

IDD Therapy Doctor and patient during Advanced Decompression session Disc and Spine Center

How does Advanced Decompression with IDD Therapy® work?

IDD Therapy® combines computer technology with biomechanics. The result is a treatment which allows clinicians to target individual spinal segments, both lumbar and cervical, to gently create space in the vertebrae surrounding an injured disc.

In technical terms, the intradiscal pressure is reduced from a positive to a negative pressure.  This negative pressure is believed to induce a flow of water, oxygen and nutrients into the disc area to allow healing.

We use IDD Therapy® for our spinal decompression treatment because our patients deserve the best!

You may have heard of other “decompression treatments”,  but IDD Therapy® on the Accu-SPINA® is the ONLY system of its kind:

Most importantly, it is the only spinal treatment system we use on our own family members because we have seen the REMARKABLE RESULTS experienced by OUR PATIENTS!

Golden State Warriors coach urges fans to avoid operations at all costs after crippling side effects could force him to forfeit his dazzling career.


“If you’re listening out there, if you
have a back problem, stay away from surgery.
…Rehab, rehab, rehab.”
                 ~Steve Kerr to reporters
Steve Kerr avoid surgery on Advanced Decompression page

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