What is peripheral neuropathy?

The term peripheral neuropathy stems from the maladies associated with the peripheral nerve and the nerves surrounding it, including the brain and spinal cord.  Another term for peripheral neuropathy is peripheralneuritis. More about this condition from the Mayo Clinic site. 

How IDD Therapy® Can Help

IDD Therapy® may not only alleviate pain, but also create the essential disc environment to actually correct the underlying problems in the spinal cord to allow your body to begin healing.

Through computer directed oscillating movements, specific vertebrae are distracted to unload pressure on the healthy disc.  This recurring movement also creates a pumping effect which is intended to create a negative pressure inside the disc.  This, in turn, encourages the bulge to retract, or suck back in.

In addition, the pumping action also causes an influx of nutrients to the disc and surrounding tissues.  As blood and oxygen flood the treated area, damaged tissue can regenerate and heal.

All of this is accomplished with

  • No needles,
  • No incisions,
  • No Scar tissues build-up, and
  • No risk of complications from anesthesia.


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