We are true believers in the benefits of IDD Therapy®, but don’t just take our word for it.
Watch and listen to the our Patient Success Story Testimonial videos, then visit The Disc & Spine Center…  You’ll become a believer too!

Megan Willis

Severe scoliosis since she was a teen.  IDD Therapy® finally gave her relief.

Yomi Ayo-Makanju

Thankful to have seen Disc & Spine Center’s Facebook post on how we have helped patients heal without surgery.   

Doug Trivers

Severe scoliosis since he was a teen. He has tried physical therapy, epidurals and more.  Finally, IDD Therapy® has given him some relief.

Carmen Sanchez

And son explain why they traveled 60 minutes every week to have the Disc & Spine Center treat her shoulder.

Renee Passinault

Long term back pain from a car accident resolved!

Scott Buckland

My chronic pain is gone after seeing the doctors at Disc & Spine Center 

Ansley Colby

I’m back to running after IDD Therapy®

Angel Mellado

Doctors told me I needed surgery, but after IDD Therapy® I’m pain free.

Jared Schmidt

Golfing again after the Disc & Spine Center resolved his Herniated Disc Pain.

Steve Johnson

I was told by two neurosurgeons I needed surgery.  Thankfully, IDD Therapy® proved them wrong!

A few months ago, I had a decision to make between back surgery or an alternate treatment.   My  doctor, Dr. Victoria Loignon at Disc & Spine Center, introduced me to IDD Therapy which she explained would be directed at the areas of my spine that needed repair.  After 24 sessions, the SEVERE pain I was having twenty-four seven has virtually disappeared.  I have even taken up tennis again!

You would be foolish not to give this a try!  I would provide my name and more of my story but am unable to do so due to my occupation.  Still, I told the great team at Disc & Spine that I would be happy to speak with anyone who wanted to ask me questions in person– that’s how pleased I am.

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